Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

Since it was founded in 1866 South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade has been at the forefront of search and rescue lifesaving around the coast and riverside of South Tyneside.

The Brigade’s primary role is to provide Search and Rescue in conjunction with HM Coastguard and other emergency services. Members train regularly to maintain high levels of capability in a wide range of skills in rope rescue, water rescue and search procedures and First Aid. The team is “Always Ready” to answer the call.

Rope rescue requires rapid location, descent and recovery of causalities from usually difficult clifftop locations. Team members train with harnesses, ropes, using lowering and hauling equipment with stretchers and rendering First Aid.
Locating casualties and missing persons is a major part of the Brigade’s search and rescue work. Working in all weathers at any time of night and day Teams train intensively in map and compass work, search procedures, radio communications, casualty handling and First Aid.

Land based learning and equipment familiarisation followed by intensive water rescue training in rivers and sea scenarios.
Regular training in all aspects of search and rescue work is essential to maintain the efficiency and skills of the team.

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